Accentuate the positive image and eliminate the negative image globally - Tony Good tells India


"The news coming out of India to countries outside tend to have more of negative aspects. Hence, India should accentuate the positive image and eliminate the negative impage through proper PR strategies", Mr Anthony B M Good, popularly known as Tony Good, a global PR legend said in an exclusive interview with PodUniversal.

He also suggested that Indian youth should look for positive aspect in every setback and grasp the opportunity, available everywhere. Mr Tony Good, when he was young, joined a leading Airline company as a Public Relations and marketing Executive. He lost his job from the Company, for no fault of him. That triggered a 'fire' in him to start an independent Public Relations Company to prove his capability. This independent PR Agency, which he started 50 years back was 'Good Relations'. This is the first PR Agency anywhere in the world to get listed in the stock exchange at London.


Tony Good (third from left) receiving Dr. K R Singh Memorial –
Life Time Achievement Award from PRCI .

From 1970 onwards, he got associated with India through his association with many companies as a member of the Board. He is presently the International Chairman of Cox and Kings, one of the top travel agencies of 250 year old. In 1986, he started the Indian arm of Good Relations as an Indian company. Again, this is the first independent PR and Communication agency in India. Mr Tony Good in his late 70s, is a great visionary and is considered as a 'legend' in the communication field. Public Relations Council of India honoured him on 13th Feb 2012 at Mumbai with the coveted 'Life Time Achievement Award' in the presence of a galaxy of eminent communication, media and corporate professionals.

On the next day, Mr Tony Good was at Chennai for few hours. Since he was hard pressed for time, I traveled along with him to Airport in his car and recorded an exclusive interview with him on various issues. In the interesting conversation, he touched about the strength and weakness of Indian Corporate, his views about Indian media, India's image outside, his suggestions to Indian youth and Non Resident Indians.