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Established in October 1992 Crossword Bookstores is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shoppers’ Stop Limited - India's leading department store chain and is India’s leading Lifestyle Bookstore chain.

Its vision is to 'enlighten, entertain and enrich' and promote books, authors and the habit of reading. The name Crossword is synonymous to the puzzle and was therefore selected to reflect the dual fun and learning experience of a visit to a Crossword Bookstore. Crossword as a center for the community aims to be a point of cultural and social interaction where authors and poets hold court, where children are regaled, where people gravitate to be informed, to be entertained, even enlightened. There are regular readings, discussions and debates on a variety of topics.

Key Challenges

To be recognized not only as a bookstore where one comes to read & browse through but also a place to experience one’s own self

To sustain the position as the number one name in Lifestyle Bookstores

Brand to be positioned as Books = Crossword

Communication Objectives

To drive Crossword’s vision - 'enlighten, entertain and enrich' and promote books, authors and the habit of reading.

Position Crossword as an authority in book retailing industry

Strategy & Key Initiatives


Initiate a PR campaign to create awareness across the relevant public - children, parents, media buyers, advertisers, etc. about Crossword Bookstores as the largest chain of lifestyle bookstore for all ages.

Corporate and Retail

Personality profiling



Interviews with R Sriram, CEO of Crossword and other official spokespersons in all leading mainline, financial publications, trade and websites.




Brand stories on CROSSWORD in leading publications, magazines such as Business India and the trade media.

Industry stories



Regular mentions in industry stories complete with quotes from official spokespeople

Key event related media interactions:

Harry Potter


Coordinated worldwide release of the Harry Potter book

The store was open for media and customers at 6am

Generated tremendous media interest

Launch of Gurgaon Store


Launch of one of the largest bookstores in North India (also CWD’s first store in North India)

Late President of India Mr. K R Narayanan launched the store

Association with a revered figure generated positive feedback from media and customers

Magic Seeds – V.S Naipaul


Launch of Nobel Laureate V.S Naipaul’s book Magic Seeds

Provided customers and media an opportunity to interact with the author

Reinforced CROSSWORD’S positioning as a social center

Relaunch of Annual Property


Hutch Crossword Book Award (HCBA). A first of its kind literary award in India honouring Indian literary talent including English and regional writers.


HCBA as an initiative encouraging Indian writing in English and regional language


Crossword & Hutch as promoting books, writers and the reading habit through HCBA


HCBA - an Indian equivalent to a 'Booker Prize, The Commonwealth Prize or The Pulitzer Prize'


India’s largest and most credible literature platform


Only initiative that ensures works of merit reach a wider audience