Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) has been organizing Pune Expo, one of the largest integrated international business exhibitions of India consistently from 2002.

Owing to its integrated nature, participant demography in the past has spanned sectors including automotive, engineering, IT, electronics and electrical, polymers, food-processing, agriculture and wine-making, as well as service sectors such as insurance, banking and finance, education and research.

Communication Objectives

Build awareness and create buzz about Pune Expo 2008

Generate visibility and Position it as One of the Largest integrated Business Exhibitions Of India

Strategy and Key Initiatives


Announcement – Press Conference

Release 5/ 6 interesting generic / trends / research led story angles around the EXPO


The role and contribution of Pune Expo from 1995 to 2008 in the growth of Pune as an attractive investment destination and creating better business opportunities for industries



Objective of Pune Expo



Unique USP of Pune Expo every year



Expectations from Pune Expo 2008


2008 is the Expo season in India - The variety of Expos taking place in India are providing platforms for the various companies in India & creating lot of opportunities for the futures


JCB - Pune is regaining its position as an Auto Industry Hub which lost to Hosur (Karnataka) a few years back with the entry of international Auto companies like JCB / BMW / Mercedes.



Why Pune is regaining its Auto Industry Hub position again



Future of Auto industry in Pune



Expectations from Pune

Post Event


Post Expo coverage amongst media nationally


Monitoring of Coverage


Sustenance: Few trends released post the Expo initiated as Industry/ Trend Stories


Review & Analysis - Media coverage report both quantitative and qualitative

Listings Columns in Publications: Targeting announcement columns