Learning & Education

Deakin University is one of the ‘new generation’ Australian universities. The university offers both graduate and post graduate courses in five academic faculties – Arts, Business & Law, Education, Health & Behavioural Science and Science & Technology.

It is also an international leader in distance education and is at the forefront of web and multimedia-based teaching and learning technologies.

Key Challenges

To raise their profile and increase appeal to students in the Indian market, through various media.

Deal with any negative stories on Deakin.

Achieve media mileage for all the faculties visiting India.

To popularize their study programs.

Communication Objectives

To generate visibility for various faculty visits to India.

Inviting and managing media at the events.

Soft profiling opportunities for its India CEO.

Identifying and ensuring participation in industry stories.

Securing press coverage for Deakin affiliates - Chifley Business School.

Strategy & Key Initiatives

Create media friends for Deakin.

Educate key influencers: students, academics and parents about Deakin’s course offerings.

Enhance the corporate image quotient for Deakin’s India office and spokesperson.

Initiate a dialogue between foreign academics and Indian media to help them identify and elaborate on international trends.



Brett Lee’s India Visit


Co-ordinated schedule & arranged select media interactions for Deakin’s face, Brett Lee.

Visit of senior faculty members


Arranged select media interactions.


Achieved the desired media mileage & created a platform in which they could voice their opinions.


Senior faculty members were also invited by leading publications to pen authored articles.

Crisis Management

Crisis: The racial attacks on Indian students in Australia, which also included one student from Deakin.


Presented Deakin’s side of the story which denounced the fact that the attacks were entirely racial.


Shared the Vice Chancellor and Brett Lee’s opinion on the issue with the media.


Instead of lying low, Deakin stood tall and faced the onslaught.


GRI advised Deakin on handling the media, allowing them to clearly communicate their message.


Consistently ensure that Deakin University is featured in the monthly event calendars of the related publications.


Education Supplements/ Education magazines.


Industry stories related to educational sector of various publications.

Destination Feature Stories

GRI helped Deakin maintain their position and consulted them on handling various media queries.