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Rexam HTW Beverage Can (India) LTD is the leading 2pc beverage can maker in the Indian subcontinent. The company is a joint venture between Rexam PLC of UK & Hindustan Tin Works Ltd (HTW).

The first 2pc beverage can project broke ground in October 2005 by Hindustan Tin Works Ltd and later on October 14th 2006 REXAM, the world leader in consumer packaging bought 51% of the company resulting into the formulation of this joint venture. This plant has started to replace the currently imported Aluminum cans. The capacity of the current line for 33cl only is 400 million units. The JV has been set up with the objective to locally manufacture DWI (Draw – Wall – Ironed) Beverage Cans for the Indian sub continent and meet any other customer demands using the wide REXAM & HTW portfolio. The two companies have joined forces taking a long term view of the market and wish to create awareness of the REXAM HTW brand and make REXAM HTW perceived as the leading and preferred beverage can supplier in the India subcontinent.

Key Challenges

To be known as the leading can manufacturer in the market supplying to reputable high profile clients in food and beverage sector

Positioning in media as the sector is not written about regularly

Less awareness of the brand Rexam HTW in media

Understanding the technicalities of the sector and be able to convey to media

Communication Objectives

Position Rexam HTW and Hindustan Tin as leaders in food and beverage can manufacturing

Promote Rexam HTW’s initiative with regard to environment and increase awareness that cans are sustainable packages

Positioning as an authority for related stories on the sector with media

Strategy & Key Initiatives

Regular feed to media on the developments at Rexam HTW

Familiarization meetings for the spokespersons hereby educating media on the technicalities of the sector from a layman’s perspective

Plant visits for media

Interactive events

Participation in industry events for networking and visibility

Special projects

NDTV Greenathon: An environment friendly initiative by NDTV and participation form the big-wigs from the corporate world. Positioning of Rexam HTW in the programme helped in the overall visibility of the brand


UTVi budget special: Rexam HTW was positioned as one of the lead panelists on the budget special show with emphasis on expectation in the manufacturing sector

BevCan School: Support was garnered by Rexam HTW clients and media in terms of understanding the can packaging sector and related areas

Key Initiatives - Corporate

Launch story

Profiling story

Cover Story

Industry story