Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism Queensland is one of the most progressive destination management organizations in Australia. Tourism Queensland has a variety of properties that are popular tourist spots.

Three predominant destinations for Indian market are the Gold Coast, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

Key Challenges

High aspirational value but one of the most expensive destinations


One of the most desired tourism destinations in the world but less than 5% of the world’s tourists actually visit the country

Increased Competition


Aggressive promotion by other global destinations promoting leisure travel


Cluttered Media Landscape


Emerging competition from the new age consumer environment


Impact of new technologies

Unavailability of the spokespersons in India

No special attraction for specific regions in India

Communication Objectives

To generate visibility for various destinations & tourist attractions at Queensland and position them as holiday destination for Indian tourists


Position Queensland as the new age destination for leisure travel and create awareness


Target the Indian Interactive Traveler


Create a top-of-the-mind recall as an international tourist destination


Create a shift from the perception of being laid back

Translate awareness into understanding g


Highlighting the unique experiences for the interactive traveler

Convert understanding into preference for the exotic destination Queensland experience

Strategy & Key Initiatives

Convert the media into ambassadors for Queensland

Fill the “information void” about Queensland

Educate primary influencers i.e. the Indian Travel Trade

Project a wide array of Queensland experiences

Create opportunities for target visitor to get a feel of Queensland

Special projects

Best Job in The World: Global campaign arousing interest amongst citizens across the world to apply for the best job in the world – Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef


Queensland on Tour (QOT): Roadshow in India, where Queensland suppliers come for ‘meet and greet’ sessions with the travel trade in the key metros where they discuss their marketing strategies


Queensland Events and Promotions

Consistently ensure that Queensland in on the monthly event calendars target


leisure niche/ mass magazines


weekly travel pages of news dailies

Destination Feature Stories

Great Barrier Reef (GBR) – Sell the most suitable locales and exotic luxury hotels suitable to the Indian market featuring them as best island getaways


Gold Coast/ Tangalooma – So many experiences, one destination – Beach/ City/ Hinterland

Cairns/ Port Douglas/ Palm Cove – Scenic Drivers/ World Heritage Rainforests/ Aboriginal – Cultural Tourism/ Wildlife/ Reef Experience/ Cuisine